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(presumably) Matchprepared (player and game unknown)

Manufacturer: Kipsta

Source: Former federation employee



Just like with „Jordan“ and „Georgia”, searching for Chad jerseys online will bring up a plethora of results that have absolutely nothing to do with football, whatsoever. In addition to that, jerseys from the Central African country are among the rarest in the world and the ones that appear online are all fake, making it quite a tiresome endeavor to get your hands on an authentic Chad shirt.

With their current AFCON record being a combination of not qualifying, withdrawing, or being banned, the “Sao” have yet to partake for any major tournament. Their biggest achievement to date was their win of the 2014 CEMAC Cup, a tournament contested by Central African states.

In March 2021, the Chadian government dissolved the Chadian Football Federation, causing the FIFA to ban the country due to the government’s interference with the football federation. In 2022, the team resumed playing again, when they faced The Gambia in the AFCON Qualifiers preliminary round.


Since it has always been difficult to get a genuine Chad jersey, jersey collectors were very excited in 2020 when it was announced that the Chadian federation had signed an outfitter contract with Decathlon brand "Kipsta" from which some beautiful designs emerged.

As it is in African football, this collaboration was short-lived. The national team wore the blue home jersey in only one match against Guinea before switching to the Italian manufacturer Macron and the Kipsta jerseys finally disappeared into oblivion.

I was able to get my hands on a couple of the missing Kipsta jerseys through a former employee of the federation and am very happy to add them to my collection.

The blue home shirt is much less flashy, than the dizzying yellow away shirt. It has a dark blue pattern reminiscent of wickerwork, as well as red and yellow details. Unfortunately, the jersey does not impress with its manufacturing quality: all crests and logos and even the numbers are completely sublimated and traces of the brands “Decathlon” or “Kipsta” are nowhere to be found inside the shirt. Nevertheless, this is an original jersey, as it was intended for use in the Africa Cup qualifiers. The #14 was worn by defender Constant Madtoingué in the aforementioned match against Guinea, so it is quite possible that my jersey was also intended for him.

Chad before they faced Guinea in 2020.

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