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Away 2023

Matchworn Amjad Attwan 26.03.23 RUS đŸ‡·đŸ‡ș : IRQ đŸ‡źđŸ‡¶ 2-0

Manufacturer: JAKO

Source: Collector



For a team that is not really on anyone's radar, the Iraqi national football team plays quite successful. The regular participants in the Asian Cup – which they won in 2007 – even played in the 1986 World Cup in Mexico, where the team was quickly eliminated after three defeats.

The Iraqis' current successes certainly include 4th place at the 2015 Asian Cup and appearances in the round of 16 at the last two tournaments.



Iraq jerseys in the 2000s were boring beyond all measure. It wasn't until the switch to Italian manufacturer Givova, who used the Babylonian lion as a design element, that the Iraqi jerseys became interesting. When the country then switched to JAKO in 2023, nobody expected particularly exciting jerseys – after all, the German manufacturer is known for rather uninteresting designs...

In the end, JAKO surprisingly delivered one of its best designs to date.

Once again, the lions of Babylon were the inspiration for the prominent design. For some unknown reason, though, the quality of the print is very poor, so that the contours of the lions are interrupted by thin white lines. Apparently, someone handed in the wrong JPEG-file? The new modern Iraqi coat of arms is made of plastic. A small detail is the Iraqi flag on the sleeve cuff.

The shirt was worn by central-midfielder Amjad Attwan, when Iraq faced Russia in a friendly match in 2023.

Amjad Attwan wearing my shirt against Russia

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