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Manufacturer: Hummel

Source: Classic Football Shirts



During the years of the Taliban regime, football was prohibited in the country, hence they didn't play any matches between 1984 and 2002. Since then, the federation is trying to build a team out of players primarily playing for international teams. Their biggest success was their win of the 2013 SAFF championship. The team also managed to improve their FIFA ranking from the 204th place in 2003 to a 122nd place in 2014.


I have finally been able to add the Alpha (Afghanistan) to the Omega (Zimbabwe) of every national football shirt collection. This amazing design was made by Danish manufacturer Hummel and was widely available on their website. Unfortunately, I was way too late to buy one and it was sold out everywhere. Classic Football Shirts came to the rescue, when they sold some deadstock they got from Hummel. It didn't hesitate this time and bought this fantastic shirt with a heat-pressed lion on the front and back and ethnic ornaments on the hem. Hummel also produced a kit for the Afghan women's football team which included an integrated hijab!

However, in 2018 Hummel announced that they will end their sponsorship for the Afghan Football Federation, as allegations of sexual abuse committed by male employees of the federation emerged.

Afghanistan using the shirt in a WC qualifier against Japan.

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