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Matchworn by Alex Mart├şnez 17.11.20 AND­č玭čçę : LAT ­čç▒­čç╗ 0-5

Manufacturer: Macron

Source: Collector


As a more balanced tournament, the UEFA Nations League is a great opportunity for smaller European nations to compete against each other and earn points to ascend in the FIFA rankings. 2018 and 2019 have been quite successful for Andorra. While finishing last in their Nations League group, they earned some respectable draws against the favored teams of Georgia, Kazakhstan and Latvia and finished their group tied for points with the latter. In the 2020 EURO qualification campaign, they even managed to win against Moldova, ultimately outperforming them in the qualification table.

The second rendition of the Nations League, however, proved to be less successful for the team. With only two points gained and a goal difference of -7, the Tricolors finished last in the overall ranking, even behind football doormat San Marino, who played two games less, however.


With Italian manufacturer Erre├á taking over the UEFA kit scheme starting in 2022, AndorraÔÇÖs three new shirts will be the last we will see from Macron, who did an outstanding work supplying EuropeÔÇÖs small nations. Arguably not as rich in detail as their last home shirt, MacronÔÇÖs 2020 effort again features loud primary colors and a fancy collar.

Yet, every vexillologist will emit a cry of despair, after spotting the Romanian/Chadian flag below the collar ÔÇô certainly a lazy effort on the part of Macron.

My shirt was worn by Santa Coloma striker Alex Mart├şnez, when Andorra lost 5-0 against Latvia (LatviaÔÇÖs biggest win so far). While most matchworn shirts feature dirt stains and musty odor, this one has some crusty pink residue on the collar, that appears to be dried bubble gum. ThatÔÇÖs going to be a great opportunity to use Alex Mart├şnezÔÇÖ DNA to clone my personal army of Andorran national players that regularly provide me with the latest Andorran shirts for my collection.

Alex Mart├şnez wearing my shirt when Andorra lost 0-5 against Latvia in November 2020.

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