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Goalkeeper 2010/11

Matchprepared for Iván Periáñez 07.10.2011 AND 🇦🇩 : IRL 🇮🇪 0-2

Manufacturer: Adidas

Source: Collector


Once a football shirt collector decides to concentrate his collecting (partly) on a particular team he or she will inevitably be confronted with the question “Will I be ‘that guy’ who also tries to amass every goalkeeper shirt and shirts that only differ in minute details?”.

While there’s certainly some loss of control taking place, I’m not a complete shirt lunatic (yet) and thus I’ve decided to only add special goalkeeper shirts to my growing Andorra collection.

As a consequence, I could hardly say “no”, when fellow collector Adam offered me this exciting goalkeeper shirt as part of an epic shirt swap.

Used in 2010 and 2011 in a handful of games, the shirt is based on a rather peculiar Adidas goalkeeper template. Dizzying patterns and radiant yellow trims give the shirt a 90’s “vibe” and certainly set the shirt apart from the boring Adidas jerseys Andorra’s goalkeepers have usually used.

The shirt was prepared for substitute goalkeeper Iván Periáñez for a match against Ireland in 2011. Periáñez, however, would never play for the national team, finishing his career at Andorran site Sant Julia.

Josep Gomes wearing the same design against the Netherlands.

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