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Matchworn by Justo Ruiz GonzĂĄlez 27.03.1999 AND đŸ‡ŠđŸ‡© : ISL 🇼🇾 0-2

Manufacturer: Reebok

Source: Collector


1999 was only the third year that Andorra’s national actively participated in international football. Playing their first ever FIFA qualification campaign, the team still had to learn the hard way, before winning their first ever game in 2000 against Belarus.

During their first years as a national team, it seems as if Andorra almost wore a new shirt for each of their games. After shirts from Ara-Mar, Efa, Nike and Reusch, the team finally settled for Reebok. After having had a close look at my shirt, however, I’m a bit in doubt that it’s really an authentic Reebok design, as the neck label simply says “Made in Spain” and there’s no further indication of it being a Reebok shirt, besides the obvious logo on the front. Not the first time that Andorra would wear a "fake" shirt, as their 2004 "Puma" shirt was a shirt by Spanish manufacturer "Bemiser" with an added Puma logo!

While being a really nice 90’s design, the overall quality of the shirt is rather poor, though. The whole jersey – collar and all – is made of the same plasticky material.

The jersey was worn by former Andorran captain Justo Ruiz GonzĂĄlez during their 2-0 loss against Iceland in 1999.

Andorra's squad in 1999

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