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Manufacturer: Macron

Source: Macron South Africa



I’ve already talked about the gloomy past of the Central African Republic in the article about my 2010 CAR jersey. And since my fellow collector Joe has written a much better article about the country, I’ll concentrate on describing what you are actually here for:


After wearing boring Adidas templates and even fakes in the past, the CAR switched to less-boring templates by Italian manufacturer Macron in 2019.

In early 2020 I was able to make a deal with a staff member of the CAR’s football federation, who was willing to sell me two matchworn shirts. Unfortunately, said shirts somehow disappeared at a middleman (or rather middlewoman) who was supposed to send me the shirts from France. When I was already about to give up on owning this model, my fellow collector Frederik was able to get a handful of jerseys directly via a contact at Macron and thankfully agreed on a trade.

Being based on a Macron teamwear shirt (that was certainly inspired by Scottish tartan), it doesn’t feature much more than a low-resolution print of the country’s federation badge. How some countries (I’m looking at you, Yemen…) only seem to provide their shirt supplies with tiny images of their badge which are then magnified to a pixelated mess, is beyond me… Nevertheless, I’m more than happy to add this beauty to my small CAR collection, while still hoping to one day find my two early awaited matchworn specimen waiting for me in the mailbox.

The Central African team before a match in 2019.

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