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Matchworn by Otar Kakabadze 13.10.18 GEO 🇬đŸ‡Ș : AND đŸ‡ŠđŸ‡© 3:0

Manufacturer: Adidas

Source: Collector


An eBay search of „georgia football shirt” or “georgia jersey” yields a comprehensive listing of football shirts – American Football, that is! Unfortunately, the Georgia Bulldogs seem to be a bit more popular than the Caucasus country of Georgia.

Nestled between Russia and Turkey, Georgia is kind of a mixed bag when it comes to football (proper “football”). While they haven’t been able to qualify for any major tournament so far, they manage to achieve some pretty respectable results every once in a while. Last year they won their UEFA Nations League group and gained a promotion to group C.

Finally, I’ve been able to cross Georgia off my list. Although, they are not the rarest shirts on the planet, replicas aren’t widely available, and the newly established online shop of the Georgia Football Federation only ships domestically. I visited the beautiful country in 2018 (and so should you!), however, getting a shirt on site isn’t easy either.

I was finally lucky when I saw this shirt on another collector’s website and after a polite request on my part, he was kind enough to part with this beauty. Thanks a lot, Chris!

This specimen was worn by right back Otar Kakabadze in Georgia’s 3-0 victory against Andorra, where Kakabadze also prepared a goal.

I really like the white and grey design and match details are always a welcome sight! There is also an outline of Georgia’s borders on the backside of the badge, which is a nice detail, too.

The shirt bears some lovely battle scars and the odor of a 90-minute football match.

It was apparently traded with Andorra’s striker Juli SanchĂ©z and sold through GolSolidari, an Andorran charity.

Now excuse me, I have to look up “jordan shirt” on eBay

Otar Kakabadze, after he prepared a goal during Georgia's 3-0 win against Andorra.

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