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Matchworn Paolo Maldini 08.10.1995 CRO đŸ‡­đŸ‡· : ITA 🇼đŸ‡č 1-1

Manufacturer: Nike

Source: Collector


Italy is one of those teams whose colors and jerseys are simply iconic. Traditionally, the "Gli Azzurri" take to the pitch in Savoy blue (in reference to the royal House of Savoy). Until the switch to Puma as their supplier, the Italians never wore a manufacturer's logo on their chest – a good distinguishing feature between the players' jerseys and the fan shirts, which in turn always featured the respective brand emblem. Of all the "iconic" jerseys of the Azzurri, I always liked the 1995 design with its huge iridescent Italian emblem on the front the best. The fact that I got hold of the jersey of Paolo Maldini, one of the country's greatest ever players, was a great stroke of luck. By chance, I came into contact with a former employee of the Croatian national team who wanted to sell a few jerseys. That's how this beauty, worn in 1995 in the qualifying match against Croatia, found its way into my collection. The jersey has all the features of a player's jersey: the missing Nike swoosh, no "Nike Official Replica" tag on the right side and the official flock numbers.

Without a doubt, this jersey represents one of the absolute highlights of my collection!

Maldini wearing the shirt against Croatia in 1995.

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