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Away 2016/18

Matchprepared for Aleksey Shchetkin 26.03.2017 ARM 🇩đŸ‡Č : KAZ 🇰🇿 2:0

Manufacturer: Adidas

Source: eBay



As the likes of China, Canada or India have shown: a big country doesn’t necessarily translate to a successful football team.

Kazakhstan is actually the 9th biggest country in the world, yet, it ranks among the least densely populated countries.

While football is quite popular in the urban areas of the country, the people living in the vast steppe often practice their traditional equestrian sports, such as horseback wrestling, horse racing or “catch the girl” (from a horse)!

Unlike their other -stan brothers the Kazakh national football joined the UEFA in 2002, where they haven’t been able to qualify for any major tournament, let alone spring a surprise.


Kazakhstan shirts are among the most difficult shirts to get from all the UEFA countries. While they seem to be available to buy in Kazakhstan, they are not sold outside of the country. Consequently, the shirts sold on eBay are often matchworn or matchprepared shirts and therefore quite costly. This particular shirt was prepared for Aleksey Shchetkin, who didn’t play the match in Armenia, eventually. The design was only used on three occasions: a friendly against Hungary and two World Cup Qualifiers against Poland and Armenia, respectively. There is also a blue home version of the shirt, which was used frequently and a white third shirt, that also saw some use during the qualifiers.

Kazakhstan losing 2:0 against Armenia during the 2018 World Cup Qualifiers

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