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Matchworn Farkhat Musabekov 25.01.2024 KGZ 🇰🇬 : OMA 🇮đŸ‡Č 1-1

Manufacturer: Joma

Source: Collector



Kyrgyzstan, the Kyrgyz Republic or Kirghizia (or as I like to write it: "Krgyzts$%§") – the Central Asian country has many names. Not one of them is particularly easy to write

In the last years, football in Kyrgyzstan has become much more professional which is also reflected in their recent success. Currently ranked 100th in the FIFA ranking, the country climbed as high as rank 75 in 2018, when they managed to qualify for the 2019 Asian Cup. They prompted a wave of euphoria after they advanced to the round of 16, where they lost to the UAE in extra time.

The Kyrgyz were not so successful in their last participation in 2024. After two defeats and a draw against Oman, they finished bottom of their group.



The Kyrgyzstan national team has never been known for its spectacular kits. This could now change, as manufacturer Joma has created a strikingly beautiful piece of fabric with its latest design!

At first glance, the full red and the bright yellow details immediately catch the eye. The bright colors are underlined by a stripe with a classic "wallpaper” pattern.

Beneath the modern federation badge, the Kyrgyz flag can be found, as is usual for the team's jerseys. Both are made of fabric and glued to the jersey.

The jersey was used in the last group match of the aforementioned 2023 Asian Cup (which, however, took place in 2024) against Oman. The jersey therefore also has the corresponding tournament patches on the sleeves.

It was worn by midfielder Farkhat Musabekov, who is also the country's second most-capped player. Together with its predecessor, it is already the second Kyrgyzstan jersey from an Asian Cup in my collection.


Farkhat Musabekov wearing my shirt during the 2023 Asia Cup against Oman.

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