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Away 2023/24

Matchworn Luis Fernando Coronel 11.06.23 PAN đŸ‡”đŸ‡Š : NCA 🇳🇼 3-2

Manufacturer: Keuka

Source: Collector



After Nicaragua qualified for the Gold Cup twice in a row in 2017 and 2019, the "Pinoleros" were very disappointed when they were unable to take part in the 2021 tournament.

The joy was all the greater when they qualified for the Gold Cup again in 2023 via the CONCACAF Nations League. The joy was so great that the new Mexican jersey manufacturer "Keuka" decided to sew a small patch with the words "2023 - We back!" onto the jersey.  Unfortunately, it turned out that the Uruguayan-born Richard Rodriguez, a player who was not eligible to play for the national team, had been used for eight matches. As a result, these matches were all annulled and Nicaragua were disqualified from participating in the Gold Cup...



The above-mentioned patch is not the only reminder of the team's supposed participation in the 2023 Gold Cup; the association's crest, the Keuka logo and the numbers are also in the color of the precious metal.

The rest of the jersey features the national flag, which stretches horizontally across the chest, as well as a giant "N" on the bottom of the jersey.

Small honeycombs in different sizes are punched into the entire shirt to enhance the thin fabric.

My jersey was worn by striker Luis Fernando Coronel during the 3-2 defeat against Panama – just one day before Nicaragua's exclusion from the Gold Cup was officially announced.

Nicaragua before their friendly match against Panama in 2023.

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