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Matchprepared Ibrahim Koroma 08.06.2013 SLE đŸ‡žđŸ‡± : TUN đŸ‡č🇳 2-2

Manufacturer: Puma

Source: Collector



The Spanish word „sierra“ translates both to “mountain range” and “saw”. While I’m pretty sure the Portuguese explorers didn’t have the latter in mind, when they dubbed the country “Sierra Leone”, the name “Lion mountains” is still pretty badass!

Not nearly as badass as its name is the country’s football team. Currently ranked quite in the center of the FIFA table, the country’s biggest successes so far are three participations in the African Cup, the most recent being in 2022, when the “Leone Stars” finished their group ahead of Algeria, but failed to advance to the Round of 16.


It’s not a particularly exciting design, I must admit, but given that match shirts from Sierra Leone not exactly grow on trees, I’m pretty happy to add such a rare shirt to my collection.

Based on a simple Puma template, the shirt features Sierra Leone’s coat of arms instead of the federation badge. Presumably only used in a single qualification match against Tunisia in 2013, it comes with the appropriate sleeve patches. It was prepared for Ibrahim Koroma, if you believe the heavily battered number and name on the back. The team accomplished a respectable 2-2 draw against the favored Tunisians, however, Ibrahim Koroma couldn’t really contribute to that, as he spent his day sitting on the bench.

Sierra Leone during their 2-2 draw against Tunisia in 2013.

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