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Matchworn Sergi BarjuĂĄn 07.02.96 ESP đŸ‡Ș🇾 : NOR 🇳🇮 1-0

Manufacturer: Adidas

Source: Collector



The World Championship 94 was not easy as a German vacationing in Spain! As befits a German family in the 90s, I flew to Mallorca with my parents for two weeks during the summer vacation for summer, beach and half board. I was almost eight years old, had just developed an interest in football and had received my first football jersey, including matching shorts, just in time for the trip. In addition to the German national team, my heart also beat for the Spanish team, who went into the tournament with a strong team and were considered one of the secret favorites. While the group stage went well for both teams ­– who drew in their head-to-head clash – both ultimately faltered in the quarter-finals. After Spain narrowly lost to the favored Italians, my seven-year-old self had to endure the traumatizing humiliation of the German team against Bulgaria just one day later. It was to be the first and last World Cup in which I supported the German team


The '94 World Cup produced some iconic shirts. In addition to one of the best Germany designs, the Americans, Moroccans and South Koreans also wore beautiful jerseys.

The first shirt that comes to mind when I think of the Spanish national team is also from this tournament. The popular Adidas template was also used by France, Argentina and Luxembourg, but I always liked the Spanish version best.

The shirt comes with a classic collar and the three diamond-shaped stripes on the right side. The famous three Adidas stripes are also sewn into the fabric. My jersey is from the last game the Spaniards played in this shirt before switching to the well-known EURO '96 design. It was worn by Sergi BarjuĂĄn when they hosted Norway in a friendly match. The numbers are sublimated into the jersey, while the classic crest is embroidered. It's always nice to add a jersey to your collection that you have a personal connection to. For this reason, I will probably always think of summer, the beach and half board when I take this jersey out of the wardrobe.

Spain before the game against Norway in 1996

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