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Matchworn by Azamat Baymatov 28.07.11 KGZ 🇰🇬 : UZB đŸ‡ș🇿 0-3

Manufacturer: PEAK

Source: Collector



Kyrgyzstan, the Kyrgyz Republic or Kirghizia (or as I like to write it: "Krgyzts$%§") – the Central Asian country has many names. Not one of them is particularly easy to write

In the last years, football in Kyrgyzstan has become much more professional which is also reflected in their recent success. Currently ranked 98th in the FIFA ranking, the country climbed as high as rank 75 in 2018, when they managed to qualify for the 2019 Asian Cup. They prompted a wave of euphoria after they advanced to the round of 16, where they lost to the UAE in extra time.


Yes, it’s borderline boring, but there are certain aspects that make it special:

1. It is a matchworn Kyrgyzstan shirt

2. It was only used in a single match

3. I was worn by their captain Azamat Baymatov

4. It features heat pressed badges and flags, yet sublimated numbers

5. It’s the only shirt the team has worn from Chinese manufacturer PEAK

6. It has a giant yellow stain that is either

a. Mustard (Baymatov probably had a hot German Bratwurst during half time)

b. from some hipster drink like “turmeric latte”

c. his own blood

d. his own bile

e. paint from also wearing it while renovating his living room

Scientific studies have been carried out to investigate the matter (namely: smelling, licking, taking a really close look at it), yet, the results are still pending.

The mysterious stain
The "Stan derby" - under the stern look of the Kyrgyz military

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