I am a thirty-ish year old special needs teacher from Cologne, Germany, who loves to travel, explore

new cultures and watch a football match with a cold beer.

I have been a country and flag nerd ever since primary school, when I memorized the flags and capitals of all countries.

When my father took me to a Bayer 04 Leverkusen game in 1994, I quickly became a football lover. During a Mallorca holiday with my family, I received a Germany jersey as a gift. I loved it to death and wore during a public viewing event at our hotel, where I witnessed the embarrassment of Germany's untimely elimination in the quarterfinals against Bulgaria!

Since my biggest dream, visiting every country in the world, seems to be a bit out of reach, I concluded that I would at least need a football shirt of every country! Consequently, I always try to hunt for shirts in the countries I'm visiting or simply scroll through eBay to snag a bargain.





My goal is to own a shirt of each of the 211 FIFA countries, as well as every proper state that is not part of FIFA (e.g. Tuvalu, Palau etc.). I'm also interested in shirts of sovereign territories (e.g. Greenland) or cultural regions (e.g. Kurdistan).

I try to get shirts that are authentic and, ideally, also used by the respective team. I'm not particularly hunting for matchworn shirts, but they are always a welcome addition to my collection.

With Chinese fakes that are almost indistinguishable from their genuine counterpart and football federations that simply iron on their badge on a 15€ Adidas teamwear shirt, it has become increasingly more difficult to distinguish authentic from fake. I therefore try to only buy from reliable sources such as federations, players, trustworthy collectors or shops.

I've always been more interested in the underdogs and it reflects in my collection: owning almost 200 shirts, you won't find a shirt of England, the Netherlands or Portugal, but rather shirts from Tajikistan, St. Lucia or Equatorial Guinea. I'm always looking for rare shirts of obscure countries, which is way more fun than buying an England shirt in a sports store.

So, if you have a shirt that might interest me, don't hesitate to contact me!


The genesis of my collection! Germany's iconic '94 kit!


Thanks for your message!