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Away 2023/24

Matchprepared Jonathan Mexique 27.06.23 SLV đŸ‡žđŸ‡» : MTQ đŸ‡ČđŸ‡¶ 1-2

Manufacturer: Equip'Sport

Source: Martinique Staff



The Caribbean overseas department of France is probably the strongest footballing power that is not part of FIFA. Even though, Martinique can therefore not participate in a World Cup, as a member of the Central American Football Confederation CONCACAF, it is allowed to participate in the Gold Cup. With eight participations in said tournament, the small Caribbean island is a regular participant in the Gold Cup, with reaching the quarterfinals in 2002 being one of Martinique’s greatest sporting successes. In 2023, they managed a win against El Salvador, while the games against the favored teams on Panama and Costa Rica were lost. THE SHIRT

Until this year, the national team Martinique played mainly in boring blue Nike templates. With the adaptation of a new flag, which replaced the old, rasisstically conoted flag this year, the national team got a new color scheme, which is also reflected in the new jerseys. Made by local manufacturer Equip'Sport (which on their official Facebook page show a picture of a woman about to do it with a horse...), the design is not necessarily earth-shattering. The jersey is completely sublimated, with red and green accents. The highlight of this jersey, besides its rarity, is certainly the fact that it was prepared for the Gold Cup 2023.

Martinique when they played El Salvador during the 2023 Gold Cup

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