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Matchworn (player unknown) 19.06.2011 AIA 🇦🇮 : VIR 🇻🇮 0-0

Manufacturer: Legea

Source: Collector



Currently in 209th place and thus in penultimate place in the FIFA rankings, the small island nation is only behind the San Marino national team. However, if you compare the opponents against which the Sammarinese and Anguillans have to compete, San Marino clearly have the tougher draw. While San Marino regularly has to play against the biggest teams in the world, Anguilla usually faces relatively weak teams from the Caribbean. It can therefore be assumed that Anguilla is actually the weakest football nation in the world.



Even if it is certainly not the most beautiful Anguilla jersey, it is probably the rarest. It has only been worn by the national team in a single match: a friendly against the US Virgin Islands in 2011. Four years later, the shirts were taken out of the storeroom again when the U-20 team played against a British naval team.

The shirt is a plain orange template from Italian manufacturer “Legea”, which rather brazenly copies the "Teamgeist" design from Adidas. The federation badge has been ironed onto the front and the back is adorned with a "10" that has probably been in the washing machine one too many times.

Worn jerseys from Anguilla are absolutely rare, so I'm delighted to welcome this rarity into my collection.

Anguilla wearing the shirt in a friendly against the USVI in 2011...
...and the under-20 team four years later against a British Naval selection.

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