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Goalkeeper 1996/97

Matchworn Jean-François Gillet (U21) (Game unknown)

Manufacturer: Diadora

Source: Collector



In the last ten years, Belgium’s national team has actually managed to top the FIFA rankings four years in a row and thus, always been among the top favorites for the recent World Cups and EUROs , yet, they have failed to fully exploit their full potential.

Dubbed “the golden generation”, Belgium’s gifted youngsters managed to reach the quarterfinals of a big tournament three times and even achieved a third place in the 2018 World Cup.


There are ugly shirts that are just plain ugly – and there are shirts that just look awesome. Belgium’s 1996/97 goalkeeper shirts is one of the latter. Made by Diadora, the shirt features a prominent diamond pattern with a stylized chian-link fence slapped on top. To make things look even more overloaded, there is a giant grey rubber federation badge smack in the middle of the shirt. The complete the chaos, the colors look like the red color has bleed into the grey, creating a weird greyish-pink mishmash that utterly clashes with the bright red-yellow-and-black collar.

This shirt was worn by former Belgian international goalkeeper Jean-François Gillet by all indications in an under-21 match.

A grainy picture of Belgium's U21 in 1996

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