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Matchworn Dejon Noel-Williams 23.03.2022 GIB 🇬🇼 : GRN đŸ‡ŹđŸ‡© 0-0

Manufacturer: Savi

Source: Collector



Did you know that Grenada is the only country that has a nutmeg on its national flag?

While you probably expected at least four countries to feature the aromatic nut on their banner, Grenada – dubbed the “Island of Spice” – remains the only country to do so.

If you have problems spotting the tiny island country on a map – you are not alone: there have been numerous reports of people allegedly booking a flight to the Spanish city of “Granada”, but ultimately ending up in a tropical paradise.

If you have problems spotting Grenada’s footballing achievements, however, you haven’t looked close enough. Despite being a small Caribbean country, whose main sporting interest is cricket, Grenada has been quite successful on their own terms.

Being comprised mainly of European and American-based players, “The Spice Boys”, as the team is nicknamed, have never qualified for a World Cup, but astonishingly took part in the CONCACAF Gold Cup three times (where they lost all of their matches) and just recently won their Nations League group, where they will now compete in “League A”, alongside the USA and El Salvador. Since 2021, however, Grenada hasn’t won a single game.


Vibrant colors, great details and an overall superb production quality make Grenada’s recent jersey one of the top shirts of 2021.

Made by small Canadian manufacturer “Savi”, the shirt features a prominent shoulder sash, reminiscent of Puma’s African shirts from 2010, and green and red horizontal stripes with red accents. The thickest yellow stripe features the number “473”, Grenada’s country code, as well as the team’s fantastic looking badge, made from a nice rubber material that gives it a neat 3D effect. The cartoony number style also really blends in very well with the overall design of the jersey.

The shirt was worn by Dejon Noel-Williams in a game against Gibraltar, during the country’s “European tour”, where they would also face Andorra. There is also a CONCACAF Nations League patch on the right sleeve, suggesting that the shirt might have also been worn in other games.

With a stunning shirt like this, I hope that “Savi” will be able to work with some other small national teams in the future.

Grenada during their friendly match against Gibraltar in 2022.

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