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Matchworn Mohammad Taan Reda 2000 AFC Asia Cup

Manufacturer: Adidas

Source: Collector



"The Cedars," as the Lebanese team is also known, is probably the only team named after a tree. Whether this is a disparaging description of the team's athletic prowess, or merely describes the stocky stature of the Lebanese defense, is not known.

Performance-wise, the Lebanese national team is in the absolute FIFA average. While still waiting to participate in a World Cup, Lebanon has already qualified twice for the Asia Cup - most recently in 2019, where they only managed to beat North Korea.


Throughout the years, Lebanon has never been blessed with particularly beautiful jerseys. This model from the turn of the millennium is no exception. However, the classic template from the time is enhanced by the beautiful crest, as well as the thick number. And as always, it's the inner values that count - or rather, what used to be inside this jersey: Mohammad Taan Reda, also known as Michael Reda. The Australian-born midfielder played most of his career in his birth country before moving to Lebanon in the early 2000s, where he was also called up for the national team. He made a total of 8 appearances for Lebanon, three of them at the 2000 Asian Cup on home soil, where the Lebanese were eliminated from the group with two points.

The jersey still has the tournament patch on the right sleeve. The AFC patch has unfortunately fallen off and needs to be sewn back on by me.

Lebanon during the 2000 AFC Asia Cup.

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