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Matchworn Harry Zech 04.06.19 GER đŸ‡©đŸ‡Ș : LIE đŸ‡±đŸ‡ź 9-1

Manufacturer: Le Coq Sportif

Source: Collector


Matchworn shirts are always something special for collectors, as they depict a small moment in football history. And it's even better when they are linked to your own memories – like this Liechtenstein jersey.

Worn by defender Harry Zech when the Liechtensteiner duelled in a charity match with their almost-neighbors from Germany in the run-up to EURO 1996. Watching live on TV at the time was my nine-year-old self, who was already looking forward to the approaching European Championship! What I got to see were a total of 10 goals, nine of them on the German side as well as a consolation goal for the Liechtensteiner. 9-1 – a result, which brought my young football fan brain close to exploding! What was special about the charity match was that both teams wore a special jersey imprint: for the Germans it was " Fußball – mehr al sein 1:0!” (Football – more than a 1-0) and for the Liechtensteiners "Friedlich miteinander” (peacefully together)” The design comes from French manufacturer "Le Coq Sportif", but according to the label was produced by Swiss company "W'AMS Sportwear". It was worn by the national team for a total of seven years and is completely sublimated except for the print on the front.

I am very happy to have this jersey in my collection and every time I look at it, I can reminisce about the times when I used to watch football with my dad in the evenings.

Liechtenstein's Harry Zech wearing my shirt in a friendly against Germany in 1996.

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