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Presumably Matchworn/Matchprepared

Source: eBay

Manufacturer: Umbro (?)


Looking for Mauritius jerseys on the internet is a rather confusing task:

There are a lot of genuine looking fakes and a lot of fake looking genuine shirts.

Most of their old shirts are white with the colored stripes of their national flag and the sleeves and usually a Mauritian flag on the chest. Fakes (or fanshirts) are made by “Allsport” and genuine shirts by “Citizen Sport”, although there also seem to be exceptions to this rule.

Then there’s the task of finding evidence, that the particular model was actually worn by the team. Google image search doesn’t help much, so I painstakingly clicked my way through a million of unsorted Mauritius football pictures on a Facebook fanpage, to harvest as many pictures of the national team, as I could.

Yet, when I found this shirt on eBay, no picture of this model was to be found among my several dozen Mauritius pictures. However, a picture from the 2004 COSAFA Cup provided some evidence: a similar shirt with the same FA badge and number typography was used in the tournament. While I’m pretty confident, that my shirt is indeed a matchworn Mauritius shirt, so far, I could not find out when or if the shirt was worn.

Obviously, the shirt is made by Umbro, as the pattern in the shirt suggests, yet, there is not trace of an Umbro logo, as the shirt features a “Club M” (the nickname of the team) badge on the spot that is usually inhabited by the manufacturer badge. To make things more difficult, the tag on the collar was cut out.

It’s nevertheless a nice addition, as my other Mauritius shirt, despite being matchworn, is a bit boring.

Mauritius wearing a shirt with the same badge and numbers as my shirt during the 2004 COSAFA Cup.

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