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Away 2016/18

Manufacturer: LIKA

Source: Saint Kitts & Nevis Football Association



It’s not every day that you see Saint Kitts & Nevis’ national squad play against teams like Armenia, Estonia or Andorra, yet, in 2015 (and 2017), the Kittitian (and/or Nevisian) team embarked on a journey to conquer European football. While this endeavor wasn’t particularly successful (a 1-0 win against Andorra and a 3-0 and 5-0 loss against Estonia and Armenia, respectively), Saint Kitts (and their smaller borther “Nevis”) surely made some friends and were visited by the Estonian side a year later.

As you might imagine, a country of 50,000 probably isn’t a contender for the next World Cup, yet, the tiny islands have managed to reach a respectable 73rd place in the FIFA rankings in 2017. Premier League fans might also remember Ces Podd, who made a whopping 565 appearances for Bradford City and who probably is the reason, why a bunch of Premier League players suddenly found themselves in the middle of the Caribbean playing an obscure football tournament.


Other than a few exceptions, Saint Kitts’ (& Nevis’) recent shirts haven’t been anything to write home about. Boring Adidas templates with a badge ironed on, served as a blueprint for fakers that sell their homemade shirts on eBay. In 2015, however, Canadian manufacturer “Lika” decided to provide the team with significantly better match gown. Their take on the away shirt can be admired on this very page.

While not the most spectacular shirt in the world, it is nevertheless a charming design with golden cuffs and two white stars, bearing reference to the Kittitian (and Nevisian) flag. Although, Lika has been selling their Dominica shirts, the Saint Kitts (not forgetting Nevis) shirts could only be bought at their federation in Basseterre. I was able to buy this shirt from a collector who actually went to Saint Kitts (and maybe also Nevis) and bought it as a souvenir. Lucky for me, because as they say: “You can’t have too many Saint Kitts kits (and Nevis, of course! I actually feel sorry for that Nevis guy now, as he always gets mentioned second and isn’t even a saint…).

Saint Kitts & Nevis before their game against Armenia during their 2017 European tour. The guy on the right apparently has a bad jetlag.

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