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90 Years Anniversary Shirt 2021

Matchworn Fabio Tomassini 15.11.2021 SMR 🇸🇲 : ENG 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 0-10

Manufacturer: Macron

Source: FSGC


Though the San Marino Football Federation was already formed in 1931, the federation did not establish a national team until 1986, when a team representing the tiny country played the Canadian U-23 team in an unofficial international, which ended in a 1–0 defeat.

After eventually gaining affiliation to FIFA in 1988, the team played their first official match in 1990 against Switzerland.

90 years after the founding of the federation – in which San Marino was able to celebrate one victory after all – it was decided to celebrate this event properly: with a special jersey!

Limited to 90 pieces, the jersey comes in a very unusual color combination for the country. Whereas up to now, with one exception, the Sammarinese always entered the pitch in blue or white, orange and wine red are now the prominent colors of their work attire. The colors were not chosen arbitrarily, however, but are reminiscent of the country's first flag.

San Marino's first flag from 1465 to 1797

The jersey now also bears San Marino's new federation logo for the first time, depicting the country's three towers. The lower part of the shirt is also embossed with a map of San Marino, showing the locations of the country's castles.

To celebrate their anniversary properly, it was decided to use a World Cup qualifier against the prestigious English team as a suitable occasion. However, the result offered no real cause for celebration... Against a humorless English team they eventually lost without a chance with 0-10 – the seventh time that the Sammarinese national team conceded 10 or more goals.

As someone who has some "historic" San Marino jerseys (from the first official game and the first win) in his collection, of course I had to have this particular jersey. Although I was able to get hold of one of the 90 limited jerseys that the federation sold for the anniversary, there was still the itch to get hold of a worn jersey from the game. In fact, I was already offered two jerseys the morning after the game, but due to the high price I had to refrain. Now, almost two years later, there was finally another opportunity to get one of the few worn jerseys that are in circulation (most were probably kept by the players themselves or exchanged with the English) for a reasonable price, so I'm glad to finally have another "first" from San Marino in my collection.

San Marino during their 0-10 hammering against England

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