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Matchprepared for Nicola Nanni 31.03.21 SMR 🇾đŸ‡Č : ALB đŸ‡ŠđŸ‡± 0-2

Manufacturer: Macron

Source: FSGC



Talking about San Marino’s national team inevitably leads to mentioning them being dead-last in the FIFA rankings. I’ve already talked about the difficult task of being a Sammarinese goalkeeper, their devastating statistics and, on a lighter note, about their biggest success, when they beat Liechtenstein in 2004 (and how I managed to get a jersey of said game!).

Always being the punching bag of European football did have an advantage, though – they have won a lot of sympathies among football fans around the globe!

As someone who has mainly been interested in the small football nations, San Marino has always been among my favorite teams. I mean, how can you not love this tiny enclave that still gives it their all, despite constantly being in a David vs. Goliath situation?

During a road trip though Italy in 2021, it was clear that a stopover in San Marino was obligatory!

Nestled in the mountains not far from the Adriatic Sea, San Marino is basically the dolled-up version of a small Italian mountain village. While its “capital” is pretty much a shopping promenade with countless shops trying to sell you fridge magnets, Rolexes and automatic rifles during your ascent to the country’s landmarks: the Three Towers of San Marino, the rest of “The Most Serene Republic” truly is serene, calm and simply gorgeous!

I also visited San Marino’s national stadium and, coincidentally, there actually was a Conference League game between local team SS Folgore/Falciano and Maltese side Hibernians FC. Unfortunately, due to COVID restrictions, only fans from San Marino and Italy were permitted, so I spent the first half of the game looking through a fence


Of course, I couldn’t miss out the opportunity to visit the FSGC, San Marino’s football federation, to buy some “souvenirs”. Big thanks to Andrea from the federation, whom I had been in contact with for a while, who was extremely friendly and managed to organize a match issued shirt for me.

It’s not a secret that I’m a huge fan of Macron shirts and their newest (and last) effort for San Marino is no exception: the shirt comes in an elegant sky-blue design with a chequered pattern as well as a depiction of the three towers embossed on the shirt. The Macron logo and the FSGC badge are made of a smooth rubber material, which allows for more details than embroidery.

It was prepared for striker Nicola Nanni, presumably for the game against Albania.

Obviously, I didn’t leave the federation without getting the beautiful away shirt too

Nicola Nanni during the game against Albania in 2021

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