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Matchworn Ľubomír Šatka 23.03.23 SVK 🇸🇰 : LUX 🇱🇺 0-0

Manufacturer: Nike

Source: Collector (orinally



Even though they are not yet as big as their brothers from the Czech Republic, Slovakia has increasingly established itself as a regular participant in major tournaments.

After making it to the World Cup for the first time in 2010, the "Sokoli" (the Falcons) qualified for the 2016 and 2020 European Championships. This year, the currently 48th-placed team is also playing for the European Championship, having qualified for the tournament as group runners-up behind Portugal.



Based on the "Strike II" template from Nike, this jersey has probably been covered with every conceivable crest, patch and logo you can imagine. In addition to the federation best, the Nike swoosh and Slovakia's coat of arms, the match details from the game against Luxembourg are also applied the chest, while corresponding patches from the European Championship qualifiers can be found on the sleeves. Below the number is the head of a falcon embossed on the jersey. The shirt also features Nike's Vaportnit technology, which creates a very high-quality impression with the fine embroidery patterns all over the fabric.

The jersey was worn by defender Ľubomír Šatka in the qualifying match against Luxembourg 2023, in which the teams drew 0-0. It was originally auctioned on, but I was able to buy it for a good price from a collector.

Defender Ľubomír Šatka wearing my shirt in a draw against Luxembourg in 2023.

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