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Away 2000/01

Matchworn (player unknown) 01.09.00 SC Freiburg đŸ‡©đŸ‡Ș : GEO 🇬đŸ‡Ș 2-3

Manufacturer: Lotto

Source: Facebook


I’ve already written about how Georgia is notoriously famous in Germany for their “Willies” and on how searching for Georgia jerseys on the English-speaking internet is a pain in the butt. Yet, I’ve been able to adopt three fantastic Georgia shirts into my humble collection.

While I absolutely love my other Georgia jersey made by “Lotto”, this beautiful maroon and white model is in no way inferior to said design.

It’s the 2000/2001 away shirt and comes in a three-color design, reminiscent of Georgia old flag. It also features the dinner-plate-sized FA badge and embroidered Lotto logos on the chest and on the sleeves.

This model was only used twice by the senior team: 2001 against Lithuania and, quite fitting, considering "half" their squad consisted of Georgian players - a friendly against German Club SC Freiburg, which the Georgians won 2-3. Not surprisingly, when most of Freiburg's regular squad played for the opponent, all of a sudden...

Georgia when the beat Lithuania 2:0 in 2001.
Georgia, before a friendly against SC Freiburg. Considering the sheer amount of Georgian players in Freiburg's squad during the 2000's, it's hard to tell which team is really depicted on this photo.

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