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Manufacturer: Kappa

Source: Small ads



I've already written extensively about Georgian football in the posts about my other Georgia shirts. Click here to learn more about the invasion of Georgian footballers in the Bundesliga, or the fact that searching for Georgia jerseys on the English-speaking internet is a pain in the butt.


This shirt is quite peculiar in many ways: while replicas of this shirt have been produced, the design itself was only used once in a friendly match against Norway in 1996. Yet, it seems like the replica shirts have only been sold a decade later. Furthermore, the shirt features a version of the federation badge that has never been used before or after.

The design itself is reminiscent of other 90’s Kappa shirts and is kept in the country’s fold national colors: maroon and white.

Despite having a number 10 on the back, it’s highly unlikely that it was used in or prepared for a match, as the team presumably used a different style of numbers. I say “presumably” because although there are many pictures of said match, there isn’t a single one of the “backside” of any of the Georgian players.

A young Levan Kobiashvili in his debut match against Norway in 1996.

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