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Away 2015/19

Manufacturer: Kappa

Source: Fiji Football Association



Fiji is synonymous with crystal clear waters, technicolor reefs and the image of a desert island. Yet, there a 900,000 people living on the 330 islands that make up the Republic of Fiji, making it the fourth most populated country in Oceania (after Australia, Papua New Guinea and New Zealand). While certainly not considered a football powerhouse, the “Bula Boys” have done fairly well in OFC tournaments, like two third places in the OFC Nations Cup and being two-times champion in the South Pacific Games.


I have to thank fellow collector Adam for sourcing a couple Fiji shirts from Fiji’s Football Association. The shirt comes in a bright blue, reminiscent of the aforementioned blue waters associated with Fiji, and a weird inverted white and brown (!) badge depicturing something that looks somewhat like a fox’s tail. Other than that, there is not much to write home about – unless you are on vacation on Fiji and want to tell about the crystal clear waters, the technicolor reefs and the not-so-deserted island.

You gotta love a nice header duel picture!

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