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Matchprepared for Aaron KrĂŒger 15.10.19 SYR đŸ‡žđŸ‡Ÿ : GUM 🇬đŸ‡ș 4-0

Manufacturer: Macron

Source: Aaron KrĂŒger



First of all: Guam is not to blame for Donald Trump.

Despite being American citizens, Guamanians, along with all the other American territories, are not allowed to vote for the U.S. President. While off the hook regarding the terrible decision to vote for the political calamity that is Donald Trump, they are completely deprived of determining their political fate.

The small Pacific island of Guam is located roughly three hours away by plane from Japan. Being a strategically important location for the U.S. military, Guam might be most known as the target of a recent threat of North Korea’s trigger-happy leader Kim Jong-un.

While at the mercy of two political caricatures, Guamanians enjoy life on a beautiful tropical paradise along with the actual benefits of being part of the U.S.

But don’t try to imagine an island with long sandy beaches, as there is actually no sand on Guam! All beaches are covered in coral instead of sand, and paved roads in Guam are made by mixing coral and cement.

While these are not the best conditions for a beach soccer team, there is actually a thriving football league system on the island. Like most small Pacific islands, Guam hasn’t been able to transform into a football powerhouse. Yet, they managed to achieve some respectable results in the last years, winning against teams like Mongolia, Chinese Taipei and Macau.


This is a very special shirt for me, as it marks the first shirt I personally received from a player. The shirt comes from Aaron KrĂŒger, who plays for 7th tier club SV Wiesbaden in Germany. While visiting his paternal family in Guam, Aaron played football with some Guamanian players who suggested him to try for Guam’s national team. Two years and one coach later, Aaron was finally invited to a training camp and eventually appointed for three matches , where he made his 20-minute debut against the Maldives in 2019.

After reading about Aaron’s story in a popular German football magazine, I decided to try and contact him. He did answer me and promised me on of his four esteemed shirts, that he actually had to buy from Guam’s kitman himself!

So big thanks to Aaron for sending me this gem and good luck for your further international career!

Guam playing Syria in October 2019

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