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Away 2015/16

Matchworn by Paolo Hurtado 25.06.2015 BOL 🇧🇮 : PER đŸ‡”đŸ‡Ș 1-3

(Copa América Quarter-final)

Manufacturer: Umbro

Source: Collector


Peru – Machu Pichu, llamas, Peruvian-panpipe-buskers taking over pedestrian areas in the 90’s (seriously, where did they all go?) and the eternal Claudio Pizarro. These are my initial association when I think about the South American country in the Andes Mountains.

“La Blanquirroja”, as the team is called due to its striking red and white colors, participated in the FIFA World Cup five times, with their most successful appearance being the 1970 World Cup, where they advanced to the quarter-finals to lose against eventual champion Brazil.

Peru’s biggest achievements in football were their triumphs in the 1939 and 1975 Copa AmĂ©rica.

Ex-Bundesliga player Paolo Guerrero is the country’s all-time goal scorer, striking 38 goals in his 108 appearances. Among Bundesliga-fans he is probably remembered for throwing a bottle right into the face of a fan – an incident that cost him almost €100,000 in fines and a suspension for five games.


South American football shirts probably have the most iconic and traditional designs: While Argentina and Paraguay are known for striped shirts and Brazil for their borderline boring yellow tops, Peru’s players usually wear a big red sash across their chest. For reasons unknown, Umbro decided to reduce said sash to a puny little stripe for their 2015 away design, making the jersey rather boring.

Luckily, the patches on the sleeves as well as the numbers really enhance the shirt!

The shirt was worn by offensive midfielder Paolo Hurtado during the quarter-finals of the 2015 Copa América against Bolivia, where Hurtado was substituted for Jefferson Farfån in the 77th minute.

Unlike the replicas, the player versions come with a plastic badge and a different fit. The shirt features thick perforated flock numbers with a little federation badge at the bottom, which are rather unusual for a modern football shirt. An interesting detail is the classic federation badge from 1935 – the year that Peru won the Copa AmĂ©rica for the first time.

A highlight of the jersey are the official patches on the sleeves: a colorful “Copa AmĂ©rica Chile 2015” patch on the right sleeve and a UNICEF patch with two waving children on the left sleeve.

Peru's ambitions, however, came to an abrupt end shortly after said quater-finals, (which they won 3-1), when the team lost against host Chile in the semi-finals.

Paolo Guerrero celebrating his hattrick during the 2015 Copa América quarter-finals against Bolivia.

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