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Away 2024/25

Matchworn Haroon Amiri 26.03.24 IND 🇼🇳 : AFG đŸ‡ŠđŸ‡« 1-2

Manufacturer: SIX5SIX

Source: Collector



During the years of the Taliban regime, football was prohibited in the country, hence they didn't play any matches between 1984 and 2002. Since then, the  federation is trying to build a team out of players primarily playing for international teams. Their biggest success was their win of the 2013 SAFF championship. The team also managed to improve their FIFA ranking from the 204th place in 2003 to a 122nd place in 2014.

Despite the renewed takeover by the Taliban in 2021, footballing operations of the "Lions of Khorasan" appear to be continuing. Still flying the "old" black, red and green flag, the team has already played a number of matches since then, including victories against Indonesia, Mongolia and India.



After the classy Hummel jerseys, the Afghan association finally switched to the German outfitter JAKO, which equipped the team with the most boring shirts available.

Since this year, the shirts have been made by the Indian manufacturer "SIX5SIX" and, fittingly, celebrated their premiere against India.

After a goalless draw, Afghanistan surprisingly managed to beat Bengal 1-2 in the second leg.

The white away jersey has a striking gray "carpet pattern" and details in an orangey red. Both the supplier logo and the

It was worn by captain and record international Zohib Islam Haroon Amiri.

Matchworn jerseys from Afghanistan rarely make it to Europe, which is why I am very happy to welcome this beautiful piece into my collection.

Afghanistan before their match against India...
...and after the game celebrating their win and their captain Haroon Amiri

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