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Away 2006/07

Matchworn by Gabi Riera 17.10.07 MKD đŸ‡Č🇰 : AND đŸ‡ŠđŸ‡© 3-0

Manufacturer: Joma

Source: Collector


“Gabi”, in German, is actually a women’s name. To be precise, it’s the nickname for women named “Gabriele”. It’s also the name of my mother. Actually, five acquaintances of mine have mothers named “Gabi”. Gabi Riera, however, is not one of those mothers, but rather an Andorran striker, who wore this particular shirt in a match against Macedonia in 2007.

The Joma design catches the eye with vibrant colors and two broad brushstrokes on the front. It is actually the same basic design as Costa Rica’s 2006 World Cup shirt.

For some reason, it features a different typeface for the numbers as the team normally used (see picture below), making it a lot easier to identify the match the team donned it.

Wayne Rooney about to pick a fight during a 2008 EURO Qualifier between Andorra and England

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