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Away 2004/05

Matchworn/Matchprepared (player and game unknown)

Manufacturer: Olympic

Source: Collector


Angola, one of Africa's five lusophone countries, experienced its greatest footballing success in 2006, when it surprisingly qualified for the World Cup in Germany, where the team managed two draws but was ultimately eliminated as third in its group.

The "Palancas Negras" – Portuguese for "Black Sable antelopes" – have always worn the striking yellow, red and black horizontal stripes on their jerseys.

This model from the manufacturer Olympic is no exception. Qualitatively nothing to write home about, the shirt has embroidered logos, as well as flocked numbers.

Since the photos of Angola's national team around the turn of the millennium are very patchy, I could unfortunately not find any pictures of matches in which this away jersey was used. However, since it came from a former member of the national team who kept it after a match, I assume that it was used at least once.

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