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Matchworn (player inknown) 29.05.1996 (Toulon Tournament) ARG đŸ‡ŠđŸ‡· : FRA đŸ‡«đŸ‡· 1-0

Manufacturer: Adidas

Source: Collector


Few jersey designs are as iconic as that of the aptly named "Albiceleste" (white and sky blue). Wherever you see white and blue striped jerseys, you will inevitably think of the (now) three-time world champions from South America.

This iconicity also means that Argentina's jerseys usually look more or less the same from afar. Nevertheless, this design, which the team has donned between 1996 and 1997, has always been my favorite: the big collar, the chevrons on the sleeves and the many shiny AFA logos worked into the fabric give the shirt a very classy look.

I had often considered buying this design, but when I suddenly had the opportunity to get my hands on a worn version, I just couldn't say "no".

The jersey comes from the collection of former French (U21) national player Bernard Allou, who swapped the jersey with his opponent at the Maurice Revello tournament (Toulon tournament) in 1996. Unfortunately, I have not yet been able to find out who wore the #20, yet this jersey is a fantastic new addition to my collection.

Argentina using the shirt in 1996.

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