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Matchworn/Matchprepared Roberto FernĂĄndez 14.06.21 PAR đŸ‡”đŸ‡Ÿ : BOL 🇧🇮 3-1

Manufacturer: Marathon

Source: Collector



„Take a deep breath!“ – what sounds like a mundane advice, is actually a difficult endeavor when you have to play football in the dizzying heights of La Paz. With an altitude of 3,637 meters, the Estadio Hernando Siles in Bolivia’s legislative and executive capital is the highest situated national stadium in the world. A fact that has caused many of Bolivia’s opponents to protest the “unfair advantage” the Bolivian team would have. After a disappointing 0-0 draw against Bolivia in 2017, the Brazilian players were hooked up to oxygen bottles, which lead “superstar” Neymar to issue the following statement:

"Inhuman to play in such conditions, field, altitude, ball... everything bad.”

Well, apparently, he forgot to also mention his team’s performance

Despite having a potential advantage when playing at home, Bolivia is commonly considered the weakest team in the CONMEBOL confederation, despite winning the Copa América in 1963 and qualifying for the FIFA World Cup three times, the last time being in 1994.


Not quite as elegant as the white away jersey, the Bolivian home jersey of 2020 impresses with a simple design with many small details, which is especially enhanced by the match details and the two patches.

The jersey was prepared for defender Roberto FernĂĄndez or possibly even worn. It comes from the Copa AmĂ©rica 2020 – more precisely from the match against Paraguay, which Bolivia lost 3-1.

Roberto Fernåndez during Bolivia's defeat against Paraguay during the 2021 COPA América.

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