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Matchworn (player and match unknown)

Manufacturer: Lotto

Source: Collector



The Baltics are one of the rare places where football isn’t the most popular sport. While Lithuania has one of the world’s best basketball teams and Latvia has been moderately successful in hockey and basketball alike, Estonia is mostly known for their winter sports athletes. Despite historically being the weakest footballing nation in the Baltics, Estonia is currently actually the strongest – if you consider a 109th place in the FIFA rankings strong, that is…


This is without a doubt the best shirt Estonia ever had! Being the only European footballing nation never to receive bespoke kits in their history, the country is mainly associated with rather boring templates. Despite also “only” being a template by Italian manufacturer “Lotto” this shirt is anything but boring!

Coming in a typical oversized 90’s baggy cut, the shirt is kept in a vibrant blue with dark pinstripes and three oversized “Lotto” logos resembling icicles that nicely fit an (almost) Nordic country. Contrary to the replica version of the shirt, the Estonian federation badge is embroidered.

This model was used by the team in 1992 and 1993 in only a handful of games. A white version of this shirt made its appearance two years later. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find out when and by whom the shirt was actually worn, but dirt stains indicate that it has been used in a game.

I’ve been on the hunt for this shirt for years, so I was delighted when I finally got the chance to get it in a swap.

A promotional postcard of the Estonian team in 1992...
..and on the pitch against Latvia in the same year.

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