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Manufacturer: Adidas

Source: My parents :-)



It was the summer of 1994 when I got my first real football jersey. It was bright and shiny and I loved it to death! I started collecting everything that had to do with the World Cup '94 and especially the German team. I learned all the players names, their heights, their teams and faced the big tournament well prepared. During our annual summer holiday in Mallorca, I naturally brought my Germany jersey (with matching shorts) with me.

After the german team made it through the group stages and secured a tight win against Belgium in the round of 16, it was time for my holiday highlight: watching the quarter finals against Bulgaria on a big screen at our hotel. From there, things didn't go as planned: after a penalty from Lothar Matthäus, Bulgaria responded with a brace, ultimately winning 2:1 and shattering Germany’s and, above all, my dreams of winning the World Cup!

It is not recorded, if I ever wore this shirt again (presumably yes) but at least Germany managed to indemnify their loss by winning the EURO 1996.


This is a classic! A shirt that screams "90's" as loud as my screams of agony when Germany lost to Bulgaria in the quarter finals. The iconic neck design, the black, red and yellow honeycombs and the ubiquitous shiny DFB logos made this all an 8-year-old football fan could wish for in the 90's. Over time, I actually forgot that I still kept this shirt, assuming my parents had sold it or gave it to Goodwill. Twenty-five years after the World Cup on a rainy autumn's day, I finally managed to uncover this shirt at my parent's house. Being my first ever jersey, it certainly has a special place in my collection!

The Germany squad of my childhood!

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