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Matchworn Chris Nurse (various games)

Manufacturer: +One

Source: Collector



Along with the two other former Guyana’s (now Suriname and French Guyana), the country represents a geographical peculiarity on the South American continent. As the only English-speaking state on the subcontinent, Guyanese people rather identify as a Caribbean country and are, along with Suriname and French Guyana, a member of the North American CONCACAF association, as opposed to their South American neighbors.

While not particularly successful in the past, the Guyanese nation team has accomplished their greatest success in 2019 when they managed to qualify for the CONCACAF Gold Cup for the first time, where they ultimately finished 3rd in their group, losing their matches against the US and Panama and drawing 1-1 against Trinidad & Tobago.


+One jerseys usually have more manufacturer logos than you can count, and Guyana's 2011 home jersey is no exception. The manufacturer has immortalized its name on the yellow shirt a full five times. While not an exceptional design, it is a classic jersey from the 2000s that is distantly reminiscent of Adidas jerseys from that era.

The peculiarity of this jersey is the fact that it is worn by national player Chris Nurse. The exact game is unfortunately no longer traceable, but the World Cup 2014 patches on the sleeves, indicate a qualifying match between 2011 and 2012.

Guyana wearing the shirt against Mexico in 2012.

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