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Matchworn by Raivis Jurkovskis 07.06.2021 GER đŸ‡©đŸ‡Ș : LAT đŸ‡±đŸ‡» 7-1

Manufacturer: Adidas

Source: Collector



You must be somewhat of a masochist when you choose to be beaten up for your birthday. Yet, that’s exactly how Latvia’s football federation had decided to spend their 100th anniversary.

Although the last clash of both countries during the 2004 EURO ended in an unspectacular draw, the performance level of both countries has shifted quite significantly in the following years. While Germany clearly hit rock bottom in the early 2000’s and Latvia performed on the top of their game, the premises were different in 2021: Germany won a World Cup since and Latvian football was almost destroyed due to corruption, causing the team to plummet almost 100 ranks in the FIFA table.

Ultimately, what was a great opportunity for one team to celebrate their centenary against one of the biggest national teams in football, was merely a tepid practice match for the other.

Germany was basically able to score at will, while Latvia was struggling to get the ball beyond the halfway line. The result was a befitting 7-1 for Germany.


To commemorate their 100th anniversary, the LFF didn’t not release a brand-new shirt for the national team, but rather embellished the already beautiful home design with some match details as well as an “LFF 100 gadi” print below the badge.

My shirt was worn by left-back Raivis Jurkovskis who certainly didn’t have the easiest assignment in his career. Well, at least he was allowed to play the whole 90 minutes of the match.

As a “semi”-Latvian shirt collector, I’m really excited to have this rare and special shirt in my collection. I was even able to get my hands on the worn goalkeeper shirt from Roberts Ozols, which you can admire here.

Raivis Jurkovskis trying to defend Kai Havertz's shot

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