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Matchworn Yan Naing Oo 12.11.18 MYA đŸ‡ČđŸ‡Č : CAM 🇰🇭 4-1 (AFF Suzuki Cup 2018)

Manufacturer: Warrix

Source: Collector



I was fortunately able to visit the beautiful country of Myanmar myself when it was thought for a few years that the country's long-standing military government was finally taking a step in the right direction and increasingly opening up to the world. Only a few years later, the military took the country, as well as the current president and the supposed hope of the population Aung San Suu Kyi back into house arrest.

There is also not much positive to report from Mynmar in terms of football. On the plus side, Myanmar took part in the 1968 Asian Cup, but since then the national team has been languishing in the FIFA doldrums. In 2016, they at least made it to the semifinals of the AFF Suzuki Cup in their own country, beating countries like Cambodia and Malaysia.


The jersey does not necessarily impress with its spectacular design or the special color scheme. It is rather the small details that enhance it. In contrast to the available fan shirts, the player jersey from the Thai manufacturer "Warrix" has a thick rubberized crest and a flag. On the back is a traditional dragon and the namset "Y N OO". This does not stand for "Yes / No 00", but for Yan Naing Oo, the national team’s midfielder, who wore the jersey at the AFF Championship 2018 against Cambodia. Finally, the shirt is rounded off by the "AFF Suzuki Cup" patch on the right sleeve, which is always a welcome addition to every matchworn shirt.

Myanmar when they faced Cambodia during the 2018 AFF Suzuki Cup

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