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Away 2022/23

Matchworn Ismail Mohamad 29.11.22 NED đŸ‡łđŸ‡± : QAT đŸ‡¶đŸ‡Š 2-0 (FIFA World Cup 2022)

Manufacturer: Nike

Source: Matchwornshirts



Probably no other football nation has been the subject of such controversy in recent years as Qatar.

From the dubious practice of naturalizing foreign players and using them to form the backbone of the national team, to the controversial awarding of the 2022 World Cup to the desert state and the serious human rights violations associated with it.

After all, the Qatari national team relied increasingly on local players in the years leading up to the tournament and sensationally won the Asia Cup in 2019.

However, the 2022 home World Cup ended in a footballing debacle. The team lost all of its matches and is the weakest host of a World Cup to date.

My website is purely about football jerseys and I will try to avoid any political statements. While I boycotted the World Cup myself, and would have liked the European teams to do the same, I nevertheless think that in every Qatari player there is an athlete's heart beating and also the pride to be able to present themselves at the biggest football tournament in the world in their home country. And besides, this away jersey of the team is an absolute banger...


For the 2022 World Cup, Nike has tailored an absolutely unique design for the host Qatar. Mainly kept in white, the design captivates with beige ornaments that remind of patterns in the desert sand. Badge, Nike swoosh and number are kept in the traditional Qatari wine red, while Nike's Vaporknit technology, in which the jersey is decorated with fine floral knotting, make the jersey look very classy and blend in well with the general design.

However, the absolute highlight of this jersey is the fact that it was worn and signed by defender Ismail Mohamad during the World Cup match against the Netherlands.

Originally sold through the company "Matchwornshirts", the jersey has made it into my collection via detours. In addition to a certificate of authenticity, it also came in a fancy box.

Even if the World Cup 2022 will certainly not remain in positive memory for many, this jersey is still an absolute highlight of my collection.

The Qatari national team before their game against the Netherlands during the 2022 World Cup.

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