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Matchworn Shervon Malik St. Prix  17.06.23 MTQ đŸ‡ČđŸ‡¶ : LCA đŸ‡±đŸ‡š 3-1

Manufacturer: Stimulus

Source: Collector



Feminists watch out! Saint Lucia is the only country in the world that’s named after a woman!

But this is certainly not the only merit of this Caribbean island paradise:

perfect weather, beautiful beaches, rum and the world’s only drive-in Volcano make up just the right ingredients to show your friends and neighbors, who are forced to spend their winter under the terrible European weather conditions, how miserable their life really is!

For that reason, Saint Lucia is not only very high on my personal travel bucket list, but also ranks among the top honeymoon destination in the world.

The bright and vivid Caribbean lifestyle is also reflected in the colors of Saint Lucian’s flag which is – just ask my ten-year-old-geography-nerd-self – the greatest flag in the world. Period! The flag depicts Saint Lucia’s most famous landmark: the two Pitons - twin volcanic cones that give the island its iconic look.

As opposed to enumerating Saint Lucia’s natural wonders, the list of their footballing impact is rather short: a third place in the 1991 Caribbean Cup can be marked as the pinnacle of their success. Currently ranked 167th place in the FIFA ranking, Saint Lucia outranks eleven of their Caribbean brothers and even much larger countries like Puerto Rico and Cuba. An appearance at a World Cup, however, is not in sight in the near future, unfortunately.



After years of Saint Lucia wearing colorful but unexciting jersey designs, the national team's new American supplier "Stimulus" has hit a bull's eye with its first bespoke jersey for the island nation. Even if the shirt is not in the top leagues in terms of material and workmanship, the design is absolutely impressive.

Geometric shapes in different shades of blue adorn the entire shirt, while the collar and details are in yellow.

The sleeves are lined with the country's national symbol, the Pitons, and the date of Saint Lucian independence is printed on the cuffs.

Unfortunately, the coat of arms is only ironed on and the numbers are only sublimated into the fabric.

The jersey comes from Saint Lucia's only Gold Cup qualifying match, which was lost 3-1 to Martinique. This was also the only match so far in which the team wore names on the back. In contrast to the number, these are ironed onto the jersey.

It was worn by striker Malik St. Prix.

Saint Lucia before they faced Sint Maarten in 2023.
The team wearing shirts with names for the first time

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