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Away 2016/19

Manufacturer: Diadora / DiEM

Source: eBay


I already explained the pros and cons of living in the “unincorporated US-territory” of Guam in greater detail in the article about my other Guam shirt, which I received from national player Aaron Krüger.

This is why I will devote my lines to this rather peculiar away shirt from 2016.

While Guam wore the respective home model for three years, this away shirt was only rarely used. What’s striking about the shirt is the presence of two manufacturer logos: a Diadora logo on the right chest and the lettering of American manufacturer “DiEM” inside and outside of the collar, proudly stating “Made in the USA”. I assume that DiEM, who made a white version of the same model, have produced or altered the existing Diadora designs and sold the official replicas.

The shirt is kept in dark blue and maroon, mirroring the colors of the home shirt. Its most prominent feature is Guam’s coat of arms, sublimated in the center of the shirt. The back features a traditional cave painting, depicting two guys having a brawl (or a woman with big boobs stepping on her child's foot).

Unlike other federations that felt the urge to “update” their great FA badges with dreadful modern “designs”, Guam’s new badge is actually way better than the rather cheap looking one on this shirt.

The shirt came directly from a seller based in Guam who occasionally gets his hands on some nice stuff from Guam’s football federation. Luckily, I was the first one to spot his listing on eBay, as genuine Guam shirts are still highly sought after.

Guam when they played Oman in 2016

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