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Away 2014/16

Manufacturer: Adidas

Source: Classicfootballshirts


2014 marked the first year that Adidas granted Andorra a decent set of kits. While the last shirts had been boring blue or red templates, the 2014 range shines in the bright primary colors of Andorra’s national flag. It is also the first model to feature the new badge of the federation.

Normally, Adidas didn’t produce replicas of their Andorra shirts, meaning that all prior shirts in circulation had been either prepared for a match or were even worn. Yet, Classicfootballshirts managed to get a bunch of unprepared home and away shirts and put them up for sale. I opted for the away shirt, but have since been regretting not getting the home version too, as it sold out shortly after.

Andorra legend Ildefons Lima with a great tackle against Wales legend Gareth Bale.

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