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Matchworn by Sebastián Gómez

either 03.09.2010 AND 🇦🇩 : RUS 🇷🇺 0 - 2 or 08.10.2010 AND 🇦🇩 : MKD 🇲🇰 0 - 2

Manufacturer: Adidas

Source: Small ads


The 2010/12 model clearly is the most uninspiring design that Adidas granted the Andorran team. A bland red shirt with cheap looking overlock-stiches (yes, I had to look that up…) on the sides and sleeves and, to top it all off, a weird typeface for the numbers. Altogether a bad shirt that shows, how little effort the brand with the three stripes put into their smaller clients.

As opposed to the later models, the federation badge is made from a flock material that is head-pressed on the shirt.

It has to be one of the earlier shirts of this particular model, since the shirts used in later games featured match details. I was able to deduce from pictures that I’ve found, that the shirt has to be used in one of Andorra’s EURO qualifiers against Russia. It was worn by Uruguayan born striker Sebastián Gómez, who unfortunately wasn’t able to show his striking skills during his 32 caps for the national team.

Andorra before their 0-2 loss against Russia in 2010.

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