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Commemorative Jersey 2004

Matchprepared Justo Ruiz 28.05.2004 FRA đŸ‡«đŸ‡· : AND đŸ‡ŠđŸ‡© 4-0

Manufacturer: Bemiser

Source: Gol Solidari


Once upon a time...

...‘twas the year 2004, there was a young football federation residing in the mountainous Kingdom of Andorra (well, technically it’s a Principality
). The federation was eagerly awaiting a special occasion: its 10th anniversary!

The plan for a birthday celebration was set: a friendly match against France – whose president is also the co-prince of Andorra (making Andorra currently the only team whose shirt supplier and head of state share the same name, but I digress
) – was to be played and a special commemorative jersey particularly made to be worn in this match, was ordered .

Commissioned for the job was Spanish sport manufacturer “Bemiser” who immediately set out to design said jersey. The process, however, must have taken place during an extensive siesta, as one of the designers decided to pick his favorite pajama fabric as the shirt’s material. His colleague then, still drowsy from his after-lunch nap, took on the job to manufacture the shirts in the correct sizes. After the finished production (and probably another well-deserved Mediterranean post-food-doze) a set of kits was taken to Andorra where the federation was already joyfully anticipating the arrival of the bespoke celebratory gowns.

Like a child on his/her birthday party, the gift wrap was shred in a matter of seconds and the festive attire was recovered from its carton treasure trove. Incredulous looks must have spread when the first player slipped over his shirt: from made-to-measure came great displeasure! All of the jerseys were produced a size too small, rendering the whole set of kits useless for the match. But luckily, a solution was found: a second batch of red shirts was unearthed, and the yellow ones were gifted to the players. And they lived happily ever after!


Not quite! Andorra lost the game 4-0 making this not the happiest of endings. Me obtaining one of these rare shirts for my collection, however, brings this tale to a conciliatory end after all. I was able to buy this shirt at one of GolSolidari’s auctions (a charity from Andorra’s captain Ildefons Lima) where rare matchworn shirts change hands. If you want to do good for other people and for your shirt collection, be sure to check out and buy a couple shirts!

Andorra captain Ildefons Lima holding my shirt. The model was not used for the intended match, due to supplier Bemiser manufacturing the shirts in the wrong sizes.
Certificate of authenticity issued by Gol Solidari

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