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Away 2004

Matchworn by Txema 28.05.05 FRA đŸ‡«đŸ‡· : AND đŸ‡ŠđŸ‡© 4-0

Manufacturer: Bemiser

Source: Collector



I already told the fairy tale of the bewitched commemorative Andorra jersey, that was made by Spanish manufacturer Bemiser to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Andorra’s football federation and turned out to be produced in the wrong sizes, rendering it useless for the game.

Since all good fairy tales deserve a sequel – and Andorra deserved an adequate shirt for their anniversary game – Bemiser quickly produced this red model to be used for the game against France.

Like the yellow model, Bemiser’s red endeavour is a very plain design and ultimately a letdown as a proper anniversary jersey – especially since Andorra had fantastic shirt designs in the past.

What makes the shirt special, however, is its rarity. While not as elusive as the actual yellow “prototype” which was gifted to the players, the red model was only used in a single game: the already mentioned anniversary game in France, which Andorra lost 4-0.

My jersey was worn by Andorran left back Txema García who is among the most capped players of the national team with a total of 77 caps. As a bonus, the shirt also came with matching shorts, so that I can finally reenact the anniversary game in the garden, wearing the proper attire

Andorra during their 4-0 loss against France

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