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Away 2016/17

Matchprepared Victor Moreira 31.08.17 SUI 🇹🇭: AND đŸ‡ŠđŸ‡© 3-0

Manufacturer: Adidas

Source: eBay


Just three weeks after I was lucky getting the spectacular looking home version of Andorra’s 2016 kit, I accidentally stumbled over the very shirt you are now looking at, while browsing eBay. It happens rarely enough that you come across a rare Andorra shirt on eBay, but this one even had the same number as my home shirt and it was offered for just 30€!

A week, the shirt arrived, and I was able to complete my #17 Victor Moreira Andorra shirt collection. However, as opposed to the home version, this one wasn’t worn in match, but was rather prepared for it. Strangely enough, the number 17 was nowhere to be found on the match sheet. Apparently, Andorra’s coach decided to not include Moreira in his squad against Switzerland, which Andorra ultimately lost 3-0.

Luckily for Moreira, he didn’t have to take part in what turned out to be mudbath with almost torrential rainfall. Luckily for me, I therefore received a clean and dry shirt, that won’t drip on my other shirts.

Andorra and Switzerland taking a shower during their match in August 2017

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